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Being silly together

Being silly together


As a newlywed, I often got asked “How’s marriage life?” A perfectly normal question to ask yet it bothers me a bit. Just a tiny bit. Whilst it’s a simple question, somehow I feel that those who ask me this question expect an elaborate answer. Being me however, I almost always answer this question with the simplest answers possible: marriage life is great.

It is true, marriage life is great. My only picture of a perfect marriage life is the one I develop by looking at my own parents’. After all, as a child we all have different pictures of a perfect marriage, the one that we see from our own parents. We then subtracts, adds, multiplies and divides the bits that we like and don’t. We then imagine ourselves being a better spouse, and later a better parent. Don’t take me wrong, my parents are a great couple and parents but we need to be better than the previous generation, rite?

As I have a somewhat foggy picture of the marriage life that I want to be in, my dear husband also have his own dream which unsurprisingly is different from mine. We come from 2 different families, living in 2 different houses with different customs and habits! Oh dear! So if marriage life is all those differences coming into one, what’s so great being married? I’m not an expert in this thing, this is only my 3rd month being a wife bu

t I can confidently say that being married is a blessing. It is indeed a blessing to have someone to sleep and wake up with everyday, to have that someone that you can annoy ;) , to have someone to pray together with every night and to have that someone who can help you discover yourself more each day. I guess most of the things I’ll share here would be related to the things I discover about myself, which include cooking! To be honest, I never thought that I would enjoy cooking and staying home THISMUCH.

Anyhow, back to the main topic. Our marriage is still a long road so we’ve got plenty of time to learn the hundred things needed to make it works. I’m glad that I made the decision to marry the right guy who has made me able to say that my marriage life is great :)

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