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On exactly 220 days after our wedding, on Tuesday, 10th December 2013 we found out that I’m pregnant. After a week late period and 2 positive test packs, we made a visit to a gynaecologist to make sure that the test packs were right and that everything is ok in this early stage.

We went in and I was so nervous for the USG as I thought it would be a transvaginal ultrasound :o :o thank God it wasn’t! The doctor showed us a tiny 1.14cm sac that looked tiny and … meaningless. Seriously, I wasn’t that excited at all and I could see that dear hubby wasn’t too thrilled as well. Hahaha. We were obviously wanting to see something bigger, or at least having more shapes.


tiny baby to be

tiny baby to be


The doctor said that everything is fine and the pregnancy is around 6 weeks. I checked online the next day, the estimated due date is on 5th August 2014 which is 3 days after hub’s birthday! When we were engaged, I actually joked that I wouldn’t want to have our kids born on August because hub’s and his sister’s birthday are on August. I think we need to have a more spread out birthdays so we can have celebrations through out the year. Well now, so much for having party all year long.

Anyways, the doctor said to have no raw meat, high impact exercise and medicated cosmetics. However, sexual intercourse and raw veggies (as long as they’re cleanly washed) are fine. Good to know, I love my salad! ;)

Also, as I went to Kuala Lumpur for a week, the doctor gave me 2 supplements for the next 2 weeks – that is until we see her for another USG to see the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! The 2 vitamins are Folic Acid and Utrogestan which is a progesterone hormone supplement. The doctor warned me that utrogestan might cause some dizziness and light headedness but lucky me, I didn’t have any side effect from taking utrogestan. So my week of jalan-jalan and makan-makan went so well. Good job baby!

Funny thing though, I was travelling heavily without knowing that I’m pregnant. Remember my trip to Ambon? I was already pregnant then and I ate nothing but grilled fish every single day. My baby would probably be an Olympic swimmer one day! Or baby boy/girl would love the sea much more that I do :)

I’m happy to say now that so far I have no issue with this pregnancy. Apart from that one day when I let myself became hungry and I vomited everything that I ate :( Lesson learned though. I always nibble on some cookies or fruits before my stomach screams for food and that way I avoid the nausea. This apparently works for most people on the forum I read.

Looking forward to go to the doctor on the 26th to see our baby’s heartbeat. So exciting! and of course, to later on share the news with our relatives. Mom, if you read this then you know it’s time to share the news.

In the mean time, please pray for the baby so it will grow healthy and well :)

Have a jolly holiday season everyone!


Hello Baby! You're so much loved and welcomed already <3

Hello Baby! You’re so much loved and welcomed already <3

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