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Waiting for the next leg of the trip

I will start this post by saying that I am one blessed pregnant lady. Ever since we found out that I have a little human growing inside me, I have done some travelling and thank God all of them had been fuzz free. During the first trimester I flew to Kuala Lumpur for 5 days and later during the Christmas – New Year period we travelled to my grands at Central Java. In my 13th week, Phodi and I flew to Brisbane for our full month stay in Australia  (thanks to Phodi’s work ;) ). I am forever grateful that I had no issue with that long haul flight.

See the thing is, I’ve heard so many horror stories of miscarriage due to travelling. I personally think that travelling causes no harm to the little human, but being tired from the travel does. Once a friend of Phodi told us that her friend lost her unborn after she got stuck for couples of hours on the road from Puncak to Jakarta. While the story sounds unbelievable, it opened our eyes that we are indeed so blessed to have a strong and easy going unborn. In addition to the flying bits, we commute frequently between Bandung and Jakarta, and I have to thank God again that most of our trips were traffic free.


Rainbow: sign of God's grace. Thank You for a fuzz free pregnancy!

Now that I have conquered a long 14 hours trip (Jakarta – Singapore – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast), I’d like to share some tips that would make travelling while pregnant more pleasant;

  1. As I easily get full but also get hungry, I always stock up on snacks. I stock biscuits in my car’s glove box and pack up fruits when we travel to Jakarta. Having snacks ready is also important on flights as the ones they have on board are either expensive or not that healthy.
  2. Hydrate well! Have a water bottle ready or if you’re on a flight, have a glass of water ready at your holder. It’s easier to have one ready than to call the stewardess each time.
  3. Make a visit to the toilet before you travel. If you’re like me who has a big issue with public toilet (especially in Indonesia), make sure you empty your bladder before leaving home. Although it is more than likely that you’ll need to go again just straight away!
  4. On that note, sit on the aisle seat. Before pregnant, I can handle 8 hours flight without any toilet visit. During this pregnancy, I went 3 times during my Brisbane – Singapore flight. By sitting on the aisle seat, you’ll avoid awkward movement trying to go out from the row with that growing belly. To be honest though, I still sit on the window side because I love the view more – and hubby doesn’t mind to get out from his seat.
  5. Take time to stretch and stand up when possible. On a long flight, this might happen on your toilet visits. On a road trip, make use of the time when refuelling or request for a break. Your back and feet will appreciate the stretch.
  6. This is true even if you’re not pregnant but wear comfortable clothing. Make sure that your outfit doesn’t put any pressure on the (lower) belly area especially if you’re travelling long haul.
  7. Before pregnant I preferred overnight flight but now even with a relatively small belly bump I couldn’t sleep as well. I then found that my day flight was way better. I didn’t feel bad about not able to rest because hey, it’s day light. But when I feel tired, I could just nap for 30-40 minutes and then carry on with the movie. I ended up having more rest on my day flight than on my overnight flight. And the best thing, once I got home I showered, ate dinner and hit the bed.

Does any mom or mom-to-be out there have anymore tips worth mentioning? ;)

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