Our first year of marriage

May 4, 2014 by

Today marks our first anniversary. Today marks the special day that God gave us a year ago.



Our first year of marriage went quickly but it definitely wasn’t in a blink of the eyes. We moved out from our adopted home, Melbourne, to Bandung, a city so close yet so far from our beloved hometown Jakarta. While living in Bandung has been enjoyable, the move hasn’t been easy and enjoyable. How I wish finding and fitting in a new community, a new church and a whole new routine were as easy as singing good night lullaby. But God has been faithful. In times when situations and conditions made us doubt each other, and when we acted out to make each other desperate, he reminded us why we’re together and why we should stick til the end.


jn phodi wedding


This year I thank you, Phodi, for standing up for me and for fighting for my happiness through the changes in our lives. For being so understanding and caring, for loving me more each day and learning to make our marriage and relationship as your number 1 priority. Thank you for your time to go on trips with me. We might not have a month long honeymoon trip but our monthly trips were so valuable and fun. I felt like I am on a year long honeymoon!



The kids in us


Borobudur selfie

Borobudur selfie


Thank you for being with me while I continually learn each day to be your wife. Your supporter, your number one listener, your number one discussion partner. Thank you for being so forgiving. Thank you for being so persistent that we have to end each argument before heading off to bed. It surely ensures a good night sleep and a happy morning, regardless of the fight we had the night before. Thank you for your understanding that I can’t cook your favourite food just yet. I warn you though, that I might never have the heart to cook chickens and fishes’ heads. Hehehe.



Village life in Menado


The year ahead of us will be a different season. Next year will be our season of growth and learning as parents, as well as understanding and communication on a whole new level. Our baby boy is on the way and with all his laughs and cries, I believe he will bring great joy to our season.


our baby boy will love going to theme parks!


Selfie at Pantai Pintu Kota

Selfie at Pantai Pintu Kota – Ambon


I believe that as long as we put God first in our marriage, he will always be with us. Do you realize that we saw many rainbows in the last year? I think within this year we saw at least 5 rainbows, including 2 double rainbows in Ambon and Sunshine Coast. I think those are God’s way to remind us of his grace and faithfulness. I know that just like the song we danced to on our wedding night, with God’s grace we will dance through all the seasons in our marriage.

I love you Phodi, happy anniversary!


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