Week 29: Dislocated shoulder – again!

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Week 29

Week 29 – a day before the accident


Monday, 19 May 2014

That morning I woke up earlier than usual because my right shoulder blade was awfully painful. That has happened several times in the last few days and I thought that’s probably because I haven’t done any exercise. So I decided to woke up and was getting ready for my yoga routine before suddenly I sneezed and my biggest nightmare happened! My old enemy – dislocated right shoulder – came back.¬†For those who aren’t familiar with joint dislocation, read more about it here.

A quick recap with this old enemy of mine, I first had it during a volley game back in high school. Since then I’ve had another 5 accidents (either Jakarta & Melbourne) happened due to various reasons. However none was as bizarre as this last one. A sneeze, a small sneeze after I woke up.

See, I haven’t got this condition in the last 4 years so I kinda forget all about it and I can assure you that I don’t miss it even for a sec. The pain that comes with each dislocation is one of the most excruciating pain that one can experience. So that morning, I screamed for Phodi (who was still half asleep in bed) and we decided to go to the hospital. Poor Phodi, he has never experienced this and I truly wish that he will never again!

As soon as we arrived in the hospital, I was praying hard that the doctor has dealt with this kind of issue before. Unfortunately for us, the doctor wasn’t the best one out there. It was a 4 times trial before he finally popped my shoulder back in and it was so painful. Somehow I remember the breathing for labour pain management video that I watched the other day so I decided to give it a go. Hahaha… a practice for labour perhaps?

After the shoulder was back in, we had another worry about the baby. Poor baby has to dealt with mommy’s stress in the early morning! I guess it wasn’t a coincidence that we had an obgyn appointment that morning. Straight after being discharged from the ER, we went to our obgyn. As a bonus from the ER, I had my right arm & shoulder being bandaged – mummy style. So imagine this, a preggo in pyjamas with a bandaged shoulder & arm.. Surely attracting everyone’s attention. Too bad I didn’t have any picture of myself in that “outfit” though.

So we went in to see the baby and he’s a healthy 1,492 kg baby boy. Praise God!





And because the baby’s healthy, I had clearance to fly and attend my brother’s graduation in Malaysia. Hooray!

What also seemed to be a coincidence, we were planning to travel to Jakarta that very day because Phodi would travel to Manila the next day. Meaning, I would be able to visit the sinshe (Chinese doctor) who used to deal with my shoulder. He’s actually also a bone and injury recovery specialist. So I was able to visit him on Tuesday and he suggested me to wear an arm sling for 2 weeks because I must have torn quite a lot of muscles. The sling was to prevent me from using my right shoulder too much (or do any movement above the head).


This is how I see everything that happened in the last few weeks. God has planned everything and surely, everything happens in its time.

  1. Although it happened in Bandung, where we know no-one who can fix it quickly and efficiently, I’m forever glad that Phodi was with me. That it didn’t happen when I was alone.
  2. Thankful that we had an obgyn appointment that day so we could check on the baby straight away.
  3. Grateful that it happened just before we left Bandung for our 2 weeks trip. I can’t imagine not being able to do anything at home such as cooking or washing the dishes or even to tie my hair! Being at my parents’ and going on trip meaning I have someone else to help me doing things that I couldn’t do.
  4. Each pregnancy has its own ups and downs, and one of my downs is probably this (the other down is this). I didn’t have any morning sickness, never had any craving and my back pain gone right away after I did yoga. So yes, this is pregnancy’s-down-moment story.


Just like every single time after my shoulder dislocated, I have this fear that it will happen again. The thought of the pain and being so helpless get me each time and somewhat my fear become so unreasonable. I have to admit that this time the fear was even bigger because I’m having a baby soon! I want to be able to hold him and nurse him, and not having the stress that my shoulder would fail me to do so. And talking to people, with all their unknown, just made me stress even more. I had some people saying “Oh, you shouldn’t carry your baby. You might drop him if your shoulder is dislocated again.”

Of course those crossed my mind and in my hopelessness, I could only pray that God will be even more gracious to us. That the muscles covering my shoulder are strong again so my shoulder will stay in its place. Also that the three of us will be healthy and safe :)

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