Week 31 & 32: A wedding and shopping!

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Saturday, 7 June 2014 was Phodi’s little sister’s wedding day. She’s marrying her boyfriend of 7 years (!!) and like most wedding in Indonesia, we started the day very early. Thanks for being preggo, I was scheduled last for hair do and make up which meant I didn’t have to wake up as early as the others. While others started at 3.30am, I didn’t have to be ready until 4.30am -.-” ZZzzz… Anyhow, the day went well and I wish my in laws a very happy and fulfilling marriage!

Here’s how a 31 week pregnant me looked like in wedding party dress. Big thanks to my uncle, Djongko Rahardjo, for making this pretty dress.

dress by djongko rahardjo


and on the same note, here’s me in Javanese Kebaya (traditional costume) also made by my dear uncle for my eldest aunt’s 30th wedding anniversary. This was back during week 27. I never thought that I can still wear kebaya when pregnant and looking that pretty :D

the five of us (+1 in tummy)

the five of us (+1 in tummy)


Back to week 31 now. I was so tired after the wedding and was so grateful that Phodi and I didn’t end up having a wedding celebration in Indonesia. It would be too strenuous for both of us and so we’re glad our wedding was the way we dreamed it. For few days after the wedding, Baby Boy didn’t move as much. Probably because he knew that I’m tired and so let me to rest well? Thank you Baby :) But of course the paranoid part of me was worried if something bad happened to the baby but thankfully by Wednesday he was kicking and swirling all around again. So then I knew that he’s very much healthy and alive.

Then, during the week after the wedding, my mom in law texted me saying that she went for baby shopping. Okay… I thought we would be going together when I’m in Jakarta the following week but nevermind, we knew that she would be shopping for the basics and we haven’t bought anything but cute clothes during our trip in KL. Hahaha. To be fair though, Phodi was the one who couldn’t resist the temptation to shop for cute clothes! He’s obviously too excited :D

So while in Jakarta, I dragged my mom to ITC Mangga Dua for baby shopping. I told mom that I’ve had a price list of some items for comparison and I felt like she somehow didn’t get it. It’s not until we went into a shop and met a grandma-to-be who said that her daughter made a list of things she needed with all the prices attached to each item, that my mom realized that it is how we shop these days. Hehe. Thanks to the internet, we won’t have to pay for the higher price.

Here’s what we bought that day. Pardon the super low quality photo, as originally it was intended only to be sent to Phodi. We bought swaddle, small pillow, breast pump, old style diaper (I doubt my patience in using this kind of diaper!), waterproof overlay (perlak), towel, girdle and some jumpers.

baby shopping with mom

baby shopping with mom


And here’s a photo of me with our baby shopping haul in KL…



and there’s another big bag of baby’s clothes from my MIL that I prefer not to share. Heheh. So at this stage, we’re still tossing back and forth in buying car seat, stroller and sterilizer. Which one should we get for each? Hmm…

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