Week 34: Visiting Obgyn after 5 weeks

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33 weeks tummy

33 weeks tummy


33 weeks tummy

eek.. looking tired after another JKT-BDG drive


We were scheduled to visit our obgyn on week 32 but he was away for the week and on week 33, I was in Jakarta because Phodi had a management retreat in the Sunny Coast. So then we made an appointment on the first Monday we were back in Bandung and… our obgyn was sick. Arghhh!!

Finally we were able to see our obgyn last Thursday and most importantly, we got to see our baby!


measuring the baby

measuring our baby

At 34 weeks, our baby was 2,3 kg. There at the bottom right photo you could see a glimpse of the baby’s left side. Tiny nose and tiny lips <3 <3

measuring amniotic fluid

measuring amniotic fluid

The amount of amniotic fluid was also good and the baby’s healthy heartbeat at 139 bpm. Ah.. so glad to know that the baby’s doing well.

heartbeat at 34 weeks


Our Obgyn said that the baby’s head was already in position so there should be no problem for natural birth. However, our Obgyn told us that the dilation process will only depend on God’s will and the only thing that we can do is to exercise to maintain the stamina. Oh well, I really hope that the magical thing called genetics will take place as my mom was in labour for less than 4 hours for each of her child *crossing fingers*

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  1. Erika Sudirga

    So exciting jees!! So nice to see your journey to motherhood. A few more weeks to go. Your mom is so lucky, 4 hours of labour is nothing. Hopefully you will have a fast labour too :) try to relax as much as you can. GBU!!

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