The first 3 months

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I'm 3!

I’m 3!


Hooray!! N is officially 3 months old today. I should say that I’m a happy and content mami. The last 3 months have been totally amazing. I love being a mom, thanks to N’s cute smiles and all that he is. Although it’s hard to get him to nap, he’s been a really good sleeper at night. I think we only had a handful experience with his sleeping at night. That being said, I still wake up 2-3 times each night to feed & change him. Not an issue though because we co-sleep and he will get back to sleep as soon as he finishes nursing.


Month 0-1

Loves: sleeping on mami & papi’s chest, pooping. drinking milk, massage time, making faces

Able to: latch on well, sleep during the night and look at the camera (since day 1!)

Weight: 4,2 kg (+1,5 kg)

Height: 54 cm (+6 cm)

Mom’s note: thank God N didn’t have issue latching on so breastfeeding has been a positive experience for both of us. His weight gain was super (as the doctor said it) and he loves sleeping on our chest.

why so cute xx

following Papi’s lead




Month 1-2

Loves: bath time, talking to whoever talks to him, singing time

Able to: eyes started to follow movements, respond to people with a smile!, sleep well in the car, hold his head up

Weight (5 days to 2 months): 5 kg

Height (5 days to 2 months): 58 cm

Mom’s note: During immunisation, he cried when the needle was inserted but then stopped straight away when it was pulled out. I’m a proud mami :) However N has issue with vomiting as he vomited a lot up to the point that we brought him to the doctor because we’re so worried.

chatting with opa

chatting with opa

loving massage time

loving massage time


Month 2-3

Loves: playing on mat, reading time (he loves “reading” on his own), to be carried in carrier,

Able to: sleep on his own at night (sometimes we pat him to sleep), grab and hold fabrics, move from side to side, roll over to his tummy but still unable to free his arm

Weight: 5,6 kg

Height: 60 cm

Notable moment: Had his 1st fever 2 days shy from being 3 months old.

Mom’s note: This month he didn’t cry when the needle was inserted but he cried when it was pulled out. Poor baby… but he might master this immunisation thing next month. At this stage we’ve stopped burping him because whenever we burp him, he will vomit. After each feeding we have to handle him very carefully because a sudden movement will cause him to vomit. My only comfort is that he will continue on to be a happy baby after he vomits so then I know that he’s ok (and that he never vomit overnight).

Smurf-in:Fever can't take my smile away.

Smurf-in:Fever can’t take my smile away.


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