4.2: 4 months old

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Month 3-4

Loves: tummy time, being surrounded with people, being outdoor, playing on grass

loves being surrounded by people, especially girls

loves being surrounded by people, especially girls


Able to: sleep through the night and get annoyed when his sleep is interrupted, find his comfort position for sleeping (on his tummy), sleep in stroller and car seat, do a little sit up (trying to get himself up)

Weight: 5,9 kg

Height: 62 cm


Notable moments:
1. Flew for the first time, Jakarta to Melbourne. Didn’t cry and sleep through the night. I’m one happy mama!

sleeping in bassinet

sleeping in bassinet



2. Took N to the park, put him on a cloth on the grass for the first time and he loved it.  He was laughing out loud and enjoying the experience


3. Didn’t cry during his 4 months jab. Even the doctor was surprised. Clearly he takes it from me :)



Mom’s note: despite all the fun we had this past month, I’m distraught by his minimal weight gain, and that he fell below the -1 curve. Read more here (in Bahasa Indonesia).

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