5 months old

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5 months old!

5 months old!


Month 4-5

Loves: putting everything into his mouth!! reading time, stretch his arms so he can “stand” tall and finally find Mami from behind pillows, talking


I'm coming for you!

I’m coming for you!



Able to: roll over both ways, do push-ups, move backwards, put his feet into his mouth!, pull his socks off

not sure if Sophie tastes better than my sock...

not sure if Sophie tastes better than my sock…


Weight: 6,2 kg

Height: ?


Notable moments:
1.Flew to Solo as his second trip to meet my grandma from mom’s side and everyone else.


2. I can really tell that my baby is REALLY mine. He loves his night sleep and will be very annoyed if it’s interrupted. So much like yours truly *blush*

Ssshhh... baby's sleeping!

Ssshhh… baby’s sleeping!


3. Trying out drinking using Doidy Cup and he did pretty good on second try.


4. Had a period of breast refusal when it felt like I was giving him poison instead of milk. Such a dramatic period especially because it was during our holiday :(


5. We managed to nurse on our Ergo. Life saving discovery becauseĀ we I can still walk around in malls while he’s nursing then drifting to sleep straight away.

N's nursing inside his ergo

N’s nursing inside his ergo

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