Living with a threenager

Oct 10, 2017 by

Nathan has really becoming a threenager. In the last month I have dealt with lots of threenager anger, talk backs and running away. For example;

On anger: Nathan kangen sama Papi. Haaaaaaaa *throws everything within arm’s reach*

On talk back: I said A, he said B. I said B, he said C. I said C, he said D and on and on and on.

On running away: He gained confidence to ruuuunnnnnn awayyyyy from us and once, he went up a lift and was gone!

Luckily the lift only goes between ground level and 38th floor so up he went and back down. He sobbed for a while, remember the event for a week then he went back to be a runner. Major sigh!

On top of those 3, his ability to reason has doubled quadrupled. Meaning as of today he has zillions reasons to do or not to do something. I try my best to accept this skill as it shows that he uses his brain well BUT trying to counter his reasonings is interesting tiring. For example;

Me: Let’s clean up

Nathan: I don’t want to

Me: Why?

Nathan: Nadine will make mess again

Me: Then we’ll clean up again with Nadine

Nathan: I’m sleepy Mami.. and I need to pee *running away*


Nathan: I want to draw

Me: There’s your paper (used calendar paper)

Nathan: Not that one

Me: Why? It’s blank paper

Nathan: This is September. I want October. Opa said now is October!


And now that he’s fully toilet trained, he knows that going to the toilet is a reason. Correction, a deal breaker. For example, I don’t want to eat = toilet time. I don’t want to sleep = toilet time. I just want to go away = toilet time. Few times we rushed to the toilet and he said “oh.. I don’t want to pee” grrrrrrr *inhale exhale mama!!*

However, he has learned to love his baby sister better. He has started including Nadine in his playtime (instead of saying “this is mine!!”) He still has this sweet patience by letting Nadine pulling his hair. Hahaha.

He likes singing to Nadine and sees her dancing and clapping. He thinks Nadine is silly while Nadine thinks Nathan is hilarious. Of course all this lovey-dovey relaionship before either one snaps and ends the sweetness.

All this craziness ends when Phodi came home. I think my threenager was missing his dad. We did a LDR for 2 weeks and my boy was behaving real bad. Like a real teenager, he didn’t know how to express his feeling so he acted up.

Once daddy was back, I found my sweet little boy. I’m so glad that we’re back together now! I pray that the next few months my boy grows to be a terrific threenager, especially as we’ll be moving away. Eeekkkk.

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  1. what is the thing that makes you most happy when you stay with him?

  2. what a good boy.. :D
    he’s really clever..

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