First tantrum experience

Dec 14, 2017 by

2 days ago we experienced Nathan’s first tantrum in the public.

At 3 years 4 months, my boy unleashed his anger/tiredness/sleepiness/confusion at the worst place and time possible. Imagine this… us waiting in a mall lobby for our ride (which was later cancelled! and we couldn’t get anything for half an hour), with one sleepy baby who demanded to be carried and an angry+sleepy toddler who demanded to be left alone in the mall.

Nathan actually ran back inside the store and the security guard helped us to chase him. We were busy with the stroller and a crying Nadine and trying to book a ride home. Chaos chaos!

Looking back, I’m glad that the whole situation was ok. Far from fine but ok. Nathan’s type of tantrum is squatter. Like those doing demonstration, Nathan will sit on the floor and cry out loud. Screaming for what he wants and crying for attention. He also likes to take off his shoes and socks when he wears them. He’s not the lying and rolling on the floor type.

Actually what bugged me the most was not us creating scene and people looking. What annoyed me the most was him sitting down on the floor shoeless! Grrrr… picking up all the dirts on the floor :( :( I had to rinse his clothes before putting them into the washing machine with the other laundry.

Anyway, his tantrum was because he’s sleepy yet couldn’t sleep being too excited looking at Christmas lights. Several hours passed and he snapped because we didn’t let him walk down the escalator. Duh!

In the end I had to carry him while carrying Nadine with the carrier. Ok lah, whatever needed to make him calm. Carried him for few minutes, managed to get him to sit inside the stroller and finally he slept in the stroller. Nadine went to sleep as well during the process. Praise the Lord!

The most comforting thing was that during the tantrum, a lady very kindly smiled at me. I was nursing Nadine while carrying her inside the Ergo, Nathan was sitting and crying on the floor and there she was smiling at me. Then suddenly all the burden lifted up! Thank you for being very understanding instead of judging. You knew I’ve tried my best to calm my little beast. Haha.

So please people, the next time you see a kid throwing tantrum, please smile at the parents. Um.. smile sympathetically.. that will help. They’re trying their best even when their parenting style is different from yours.

And for parents, this too shall pass!

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