Merry Christmas!

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All this Christmas decoration and we have ZERO good family photo!


Merry Christmas from the Philippines! May you all have a blessed Christmas. May Christ be the true source of your joy and peace.


This Christmas is my 3rd time being away from home. My mom family has a gathering tradition at my grandparents’ in Solo. The first time I missed Christmas at home was during my first year in Melbourne. Then I missed another one when I started working in Melbourne. Hopefully I won’t miss anymore Christmas.


When I was younger, I sometimes think of the tradition as a burden. My friends could have Christmas/New Year celebration in Jakarta while I couldn’t because I would always be in Solo. All my friends never invited me to join NYE celebration because they already knew that I won’t be able to. Sad.


However as I grow older, I realize that my grandparents really planted a good seed. Today I enjoy having the accompany and love of my cousins and aunts and uncles. They really are my treasure. And my kids are blessed to have lots of family who showered them with love.


But… This time around we decided not to go back since we just arrived here like 7 weeks ago. It was a hard decision to make but I’m glad we did. A good opportunity came up this week and what a waste it would have been if we had left for holiday. I’m really excited though that my parents would be here in couple of weeks time. Wheeeee.


So anyways, happy holiday!

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