Raising a girl

Feb 6, 2018 by

I know I should have known better and realized this sooner… Yet here I am struggling in more than one way to understand my baby girl.

I love my girl, I really do. Yet sometimes I wonder why do I feel like I am not connected with her.

Is it because I somewhat feel that she’s taking my time away from my first born? She’s very clingy and that makes everything so hard for all of us.

Is it because she’s too independent at times? Wanting to eat by herself while she’s still unable to do so.. Resulting in a major mess and all.

Is it because she’s strong willed? Throwing tantrums when her wants are not met.. And she’s only a one year old baby.

I’m learning to understand and accept that my girl is different from her brother.

She gravitates towards beauty and all things pretty. She loves dolls and pinks. She loves to watch me doing make up and demands to do the same. She enjoys playing with make up brushes and putting on lotions. All the things that her brother never bother looking.

She likes playing with duplos and cars. But the only thing that will make her calm is her jellycat bunny.

She is gentle but she can be fierce. Afterall, she needs to defend herself and her toys from her brother. They are still learning how to act towards each other.

She loves dancing with her papi. She cries everytime papi leaves for work. Her brother never bother seeing papi goes to work. She runs to his arms each day he enters the door.

I’m trying to understand that she has a gentler heart. That she has different emotional needs than her brother. I have to figure out her needs so I can provide for her.

I’m learning to know my girl better so I can guide her better. I’m raising a girl, God’s own princess.

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