Nadine turns 2

Oct 22, 2018 by

Today my little girl turns 2. She is officially a little girl, not a baby anymore although whenever she hears the word “baby” she still says “Nadine!” :)

She loves dancing, jumping and running around. She’s almost always in a semi-running mode instead of walking. She is one feisty and determined little girl. In the last year she had 2 bloody accidents (compared with Nathan’s ZERO accident). Once by falling off the chair and another one by bumping into a pole in the playground. It is truly by God’s grace that her teeth remain intact.

She loves singing (alphabet song is her favourite) and telling story to everyone, one by one. “Papa Papa, birds! Mama, birds! Kakak Kakak, birds!” She picks up words in English eventhough Phodi and I speak in Indonesian with her. I guess she really idolizes Nathan.

She loves being independent. Putting on and taking off her shoes, taking off her clothes, eating, drinking… Yet she’s not able to do them yet and she will get frustrated and throw a tantrum.

Thus having Nadine and all her antics was a shock for me because Nathan didn’t start throwing tantrums until he’s 3.5. Hehe. It is very challenging to calm a child who can’t converse yet. I can say that my patience had been pushed to the limit many times in the last year.

I love you Nadine dear. You made me learn what it means to be understanding and patient. You made me realize that having a second child doesn’t mean half the love but twice the heart. Jesus loves you the most.

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