Goodbye 2018

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Reflecting back on 2018, I’m thankful for the gift of family. I might not mention this often but I suppose my instagram feed reflects this. The saying that home is where your heart is cannot be truer this year. Whereever my kids and husband are, I am home.


Family december 2018


Our home had its fair portion of laughs and joy, as well as tears and angers. My prayer this year is that our home will grow deeper and stronger in our faith to Him.

My most memorable moments and praise points for 2018 are;

  • My parents visited us in Manila
  • Made new friends through DGroup and the lovely neighbors at The Grove
  • Living at The Grove. That place is a piece of heaven in Manila
  • Took the kids to dolphins watching and islands hopping in Bohol
  • Nadine’s swam in the sea for the first time in June
  • Went to Hong Kong. 1st Disneyland for the kids
  • My kids turned 4 and 2
  • Found out that Nathan really enjoys his music class
  • Nadine finally started talking and calling me “Mami!”
  • Flew solo with 2 kids from Manila to Jakarta *pat on shoulder*
  • Went on an overnight trip with Phodi. Finally after 4 years!
  • And for that I thank my mom’s family for helping my parents taking care of the kids
  • 2 of my cousins got married and I will welcome a niece/nephew next year!



Thank you Jesus for a great year!

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