Few months left in Manila

Jan 17, 2019 by

We are back in Manila! For me, it was after 1,5 months holiday in Indonesia. Way too long but anyhow it was great to catch up with friends and family. 2 of my cousins were getting hitched and my kids had their first gig as flower girl and ring bearer.

Right after we were back in the condo, I was feeling a bit blue knowing that we only have less than 4 months left in Manila! So many places we want to visit yet so little time.

For one, we haven’t been to the beach eventhough Philippines is famous for its beach. (Although many people said that Indonesia’s beaches are more beautiful). So we’re definitely planning to go to Batangas.

We’re also planning to go to Baguio. Most likely during the flower festival. I know there will be great crowd but I love going to festivals! Even browsing through the photos of the flower floats made me happy. The kids are still young but they’re not babies anymore so let’s go!

I’d also like to visit the newly renovated planetarium. We do have a planetarium in Indonesia (and in fact I have visited Bosscha Observatorium, one of the oldest observatorium in Asia) but still, the planetarium in Manila is new and free. Why not?

We have some more places that we’d like to visit but we want to enjoy the comfort of our condo too. Waiting for the weather to become warmer so we could play in the swimming pool. I’m also hoping to spend more time with my Manila friends.

Let’s make memories!

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