To homeschool or not to homeschool

Jan 31, 2019 by

This topic has been in our prayer within the last 3 years or so. I was a big homeschooling believer until I have 2 kids. Reality sinked it and I started to question everything about homeschooling.

I first had the idea of homeschooling when I was in Melbourne. I cannot remember the exact trigger but being a carer in Wesley’s after school program ABC Day Care gave me a glimpse of parents-kids relationships and schooling. Also the (awful) memory of learning in high school; memorization and more memorization.

Anyhow, Phodi never say no to HS but he also didn’t completely agree on it. Fast forward to 2017 when we were looking at the possibility of moving to Manila, Phodi was exposed to the huge community of homeschooler in our church, CCF. He had a shift of mind on HS and think that we should do HS. However I was the one who think that HS is impossible but I also reject the idea of regular school. Haha.

One of our main concerns was a community. We know some friends in Jakarta and Surabaya who are doing HS but we know noone who’s doing HS in Bandung, evenmore a fellow Christian. Through some friends I got introduced to some people in Bandung but I was still unsure.

Last week I was asking for more connection and finally found a Christian/Catholic group of homeschoolers. Hehe I was glad that at least there is one. So that was one thing to tick off.

One other thing, I almost forget how fun it is to learn together with my kids, especially Nathan. With him in school 4 days a week and a music class on the other day, I almost never do activities with him anymore. The most we would do is reading, but then he can read by himself too! So we haven’t had that learning time together.

Last week he was staying home because of cold and we made a simple chinese numbers game. It was so fun or as Marie Kondo would say it “sparks joy”. I just realized how precious it is to be able to intentionally spend time with my kids.

That night I told Phodi that maybe we should try homeschooling. Other thing that also convicted me was Ps Josh and Sean McDowell during the IDC Conference. They said that parents are responsible to their children not for their children. To love, to train and to teach. Children are accountable for themselves. While there could be many interpretations on this, for me education is one responsibility and HS seems to suit our family best.

Eek.. Even writing this right now gives me so much anxiety. But then 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Also I keep reminding myself that God cares for my kids more than Phodi or I care for them.

Please pray for Phodi and I as we decide on this matter. I’m praying specifically for teachable hearts (us and the kids), provision (community, financial, space) and wisdom to choose the most suitable method/curriculum/material should we go ahead with HS.

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