Nathan’s moving up

Mar 25, 2019 by

Nathan had his moving up celebration from Senior Pre-K to Kindergarten last Friday. Extra special because my parents came from Indonesia to celebrate with us.

I’m really proud of his social growth this school year. He has learnt to communicate his feelings better and to share his thoughts when he’s upset. He also has learnt to include his friends during playtime.

We are so grateful for his teacher, Teacher Vren, who has patiently loving him throughout the year. Nathan adores her and will surely miss her.

On the celebration Nathan had several tasks:

  1. Narrate the story for the Junior Pre-K class
  2. Perform “Pete the Cat and his white shoes” song with his classmates
  3. Sing “True Color” song
  4. Dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
  5. Sing moving up song

Through the performances I observed that he enjoyed dancing more than singing. He was also concerned about orders. Few times he looked down to make sure that he was standing on his marked spot. He was bothered when his female classmate sang the “boys part” of the song. Heheh.

Watching him performing with confidence made me a bit teary. My baby has grown so much and soon he’s no longer a little kid. I’m glad that he was in a safe learning community that he enjoyed a lot.

By God’s grace we will always have a love filled community in Indonesia or wherever we live in the future.

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