Phantom of The Opera

Mar 18, 2019 by

After years of wanting (but not really trying), I finally watched Phantom of the Opera! PoTO was running for few months in Melbourne but I didn’t get to watch it. It was in 2007, merely a year after I arrived in Melbourne, and the ticket was very expensive for my penniless student pocket. Haha.

I did watch the sequel to PoTO titled “Love Never Dies” in Melbourne, 2011. Phodi and I were already an item that time so we watched this together. I enjoyed it especially its song “The Beauty Underneath”. Phodi however, was almost asleep halfway through!

When I saw the ads that it’s showing soon in Manila, I was excited but didn’t have the heart yet to ask Phodi about it. Then the ads kept on appearing on my igstory roll so I thought I’d ask and see what he said. Of course being he kind husband that he is, he said ok but please find a friend.

Luckily my kind Japanese mom friend is also into musicals. After pinning on the date (which was harder than finding a needle on hay stacks), we booked our tickets for Sunday, March 17. Woohoo! This was our only mom date in Manila as we both are leaving the country soon.

It was a beautiful production indeed. I was captivated by the whole acts when Phantom and Christine went on the boat and came to the Phantom place. Their voices and the stage props (all those “candles”) were just top notch. Pretty sure I hold my breath several times during this part.

I also loved the act when Christine and Raoul sang “All I Ask of You”. It was very intimate and moving. Like I could feel the night breeze on the roof caressing their love. How romatic! Another favourite act of the night.

My only question though, what is the age recommendation for Phantom? The story is definitely not for kids and some of the acts (the surprise hanging scene, the implied killing scene) were definitely not kids friendly. I saw kids as young as 9 or 10 and I wonder what they’re thinking about those.

Anyhow, I’m happy that I’ve watched PoTO. It was beautiful beyond my expectation.

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