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Apr 24, 2019 by

I recently caught a K-Drama fever. Way too late, I know. My last time watching a Korean drama was 12 years ago. I was never into it because I couldn’t differentiate the characters as they all look similar to me. Now that I’ve grown smarter :D I can enjoy the story. Haha.

While I was enjoying the cute romance filled series, I was bothered by the age recommendation for these dramas, 13+. That means it’s recommended ok for kids age 13 and up to watch.

I understand that 13 is considered teen. Some culture even skip calling their 13 year old as “teens”, rather they call them as “young adult”. I was reflecting back on how my 13 year old self was. I think I had my first crush around that time and all the confusion about the meaning of “love” started back then. However I couldn’t imagine how awkward it must have been for a 13 year old me to watch those dramas.

Out of the 5 series I’ve watched so far, all of them have

  • Boy – girl relationship
  • Passionate kissing scenes
  • “I can’t wait to sleep with you”
  • “I love you so I can wait”
  • Oh wait, let’s break up for a while
  • Let’s get back! And now that we’re back let’s sleep together
  • Implied sex scenes – details in your imagination
  • Ends up together happily ever after

Also some of them have

  • In-laws who oppose the relationship at first but then support it
  • Male actor showing off his abs. Mostly shower scenes or during those kissing scenes
  • One or both main characters are super rich / famous and respected by everyone
  • Siblings rivalry

So there. I’m not sure how much a 13 year old, especially girl, can handle all this while maintaining her consciousness of the real world. The changing hormones in young adults usually make them more self-conscious. I can’t imagine adding more drama into their lives. K-dramas are fun to watch but they can give a sense of insecurity and false hope.

Simply because boys are not as handsome (or pretty) as the K-drama actors. Relationships may not end in a marriage, unlike in K-drama. But also, love can be simple and straight forward. In-laws can be kind, siblings can be best friends and not as evil as in K-drama. Sleeping together is to be done after the marriage, not before the marriage.

It has been a reminder for me too that I should be more cautious with what I watch and feed my mind. Also be more aware of what to feed my kids mind. This is one of the reasons why we have not bring Nathan to the cinema yet. I don’t want to compromise his precious soul with subtle sex reference or dark themes.

One day he will be exposed to those and we should be ready to answer his questions. But until then, I’ll hold him tight and let him be little just a little longer…

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