We decided on homeschooling

Sep 29, 2019 by

We decided on homeschooling.


Since the start of this year, I was 99% confident that we would become a homeschooling family. I always have that confidence inside my heart even though I wasn’t confident enough to say it out loud. But that little voice inside my heart was always telling me that being a homeschooling family is our calling.


We searched high and low for a community / friends to walk this journey with in Bandung. We went to schools who call themselves “homeschooling community” (this is a weird concept though). We introduced ourself to other homeschooling families. We even went to regular schools to observe and talk to educators. We did all things we could to ensure ourself (mostly) myself that what we will choose is our best choice for our family.


Last week we were talking to a primary school principal. We mainly talked about Nathan because we enrolled him in this one christian school for Primary 1 next year. Now you asked why would we enroll Nathan if we’re going to homeschool. We did it because there’s a psychological/IQ test and we thought it was a good check-up point for us. We wanted to know how Nathan’s development is comparing to his peers.


One point that she mentioned was that she believes home education is best up to primary school level. She believes that whenever possible, christian families should pursue home education. Hearing that coming from a christian school principal was quite shocking yet affirming at the same time.


I was grateful for that meeting. Nathan’s test result was positive and it gave me lots of encouragement because it showed that what we’ve been doing the right thing. Of course Nathan has a lot of things to improve on. He’s only 5 after all. Also us as a family has tons of things to work on; discipline and obedience are our 2 main issues.


I’m very excited yet nervous! So many things to decide but one thing I’m sure of, Jesus will help us in this journey he has called us into :)

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