wefie during playtime


I am Jessica Neva and welcome to my blog! I love fireworks and gazing at the sky. My trusted relaxation aid is a cup of lemon grass & ginger tea, with a teaspoon of honey. (I’m sorry Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar won’t do). After becoming a wife, I found a renewed love for cooking, drawing and writing.

I was into my 3rd year in a business planning & reporting department for a non for profit organization in Melbourne, Australia before joining my husband for his work relocation to a lovely Indonesian city called Bandung. I was indeed blessed to study, work, find love and dive to a deeper relationship with Jesus during my 7 years in Melbourne.

After 4 years in Bandung, we are currently in Manila for a year. A new adventure for the 4 of us.

So please enjoy my notes on my life feast; recipes to satisfy a hungry tummy, photos from my recent travels and thoughts from this pensive mind and soul. Or more appropriately, my blog will mostly about my toddlers and everything related to them.

For a chat or two, drop me an email at hello{at}jessicaneva{dot}com