God is gracious

Oct 22, 2016 by

Today I experienced another God’s grace. Today God gave us a little baby girl. Born on its due date, despite all things said...

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Waiting game begins!

Oct 12, 2016 by

  Here I am, 38 weeks and 4 days on my 2nd pregnancy. Baby girl has been in the right position since few weeks ago that my obgyn...

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Nathan turns 2

Aug 1, 2016 by

    Gak terasa, Nathan hari ini berulang tahun ke-2. Sounds cliche but time went by too fast. I still remember 2 years ago when...

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The end of N’s nursing j...

Jul 13, 2016 by

N will turn 2 in a fortnight and as of tonight, he hasn’t nursed for more than 6×24 hours. I guess this is the end to our...

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Last month of being 1

Jun 27, 2016 by

  Happy 23 months baby boy!! We went through a lot this month…   First you had measles so we had to be separated for...

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Week 23: It’s a ..

Jun 25, 2016 by

I know I’ve said before that I have no preference over baby no. 2′s gender. I might secretly wish for anothee boy because...

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A week without Nathan

Jun 12, 2016 by

Hari ini, Minggu, 12 Juni adalah hari ke-6 kami berpisah dari Nathan. Nathan yang masih nempel mami setiap kali mau tidur malem (dan...

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Week 18: Guess the gender

May 25, 2016 by

Do you believe in destiny? des·ti·ny ˈdestinē/ noun the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the...

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Nathan’s favourite books

May 5, 2016 by

Books are amazing! Books show us new things, open up our imagination and they’re a great learning tool for kids. I remember...

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