Dear Nathan

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Dear Nathan,

today you turns 1,5 years young. You have coloured my world like no other. Each day I thank God for giving me a son like you. I feel so undeserving for having a special human being that you are. Thank you for filling the house with joy and laughter. I’d love to freeze the moment and keep you little, but I love seeing your growth and be amazed by it. God is doing miracles upon your life each day.

Nathanael, you are a gift from God. A gift is always given at a special occasion, to a special person. A gift is precious and should be taken care of well. Always remember that you are a gift. You are special and thus you should respect yourself. Reach for the stars and never settle for less. Know your strength and acknowledge your weaknesses. Embrace all your uniqueness and never let others look down on you. Treat people with respect and you will go far. Respect the elders and be gentle to those younger than you.

Most of all, put your hope and trust in Jesus. In good times and bad times, He is your only anchor. I love to be your source of happiness and strength. However there will be times when my hands can’t hold you tight. Remember that you will always have Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart and He will guide you. There will be moments when the world seems to go against you. Hold on tight to Jesus and rest upon Him. People will let you down but your hopes in Jesus will never fail.

I love you, Baby Boy. Please grow healthy, strong and tall. Be kind hearted and loving. May God’s love and favour be forever upon your life.



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