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Apr 25, 2016 by

Yuhuu.. very sleepy and desperately inl need of looooong sleep. Yet I’m way too excited to quickly write a note about today.




Happy news, my baby is now 14 weeks old. Length wise and heart wise, it’s healthy and growing well. Thank you Jesus! I’ve only gained 1kg so far (whatttt?!) But I’ve started to notice the growth in my bump. My pants are getting tighter but as I have lots of loose pants, I might still be able to fit into my bigger jeans until next month. Key word is “might”.




Look at that little nose and lips!!! Hellooooo baby! Kk Nathan loves you eventhough I’m sure he hasn’t comprehend you thoroughly. Nathan still loves kissing my tummy and each time it melts my heart.




Baby’s heart beat at 155bpm. Still the sweetest sound on earth. We also try to find out the gender of the baby but we couldn’t. It was crossing its feet tightly so we can’t see if there’s anything in between. Too bad (or good thing?) that we can’t start shopping now. Hahahaha.


Baby story aside, today our live-in helper who came only 5 days ago decided to quit. Or I pushed her to as soon as I know that she doesn’t enjoy working at our house. Truth be told, I’m fine with my daily helper who works 8-2 for 6 days a week. That’s more than enough for now. However my mom (and some others) insisted that we find a live-in helper, in view that my tummy will get bigger and that we’ll need extra hands once no. 2 arrives.


Surely after few days of having “extra hands” I have to admit that I have more me time. Few pages to read in the afternoon or making foam shapes for N while N is playing with the helper. However on 2 occasions that I left N for 15 mins with her, he cried. Once because his fingers were trapped in between collapsible chair, and another one N fell pretty hard that I could hear the bump noise from upstairs. Crazy huh?! I don’t want to be a dotting mom, but things happpened when I wasn’t around. Yikes! She was also lack of initiatives (comparing to my daily helper) and quite slow. Sometimes watching her preparing ingredients for cooking felt like watching a slow-mo movie. I didn’t complain though as we have all the time in this world. Lol.


I’m pretty much indifferent now regarding this live-in helper topic. It will be nice if we can find someone who is fit for our home. Yet if we don’t have any, I’m fine with just having my daily helper. At least for now, can’t say it will be the case with baby no.2.


Bottom line, I’m glad that she’s gone before 1 week. No attachment and I didn’t have to pay much for someone who worked half-heartedlly. Most importantly I haven’t made any significant plan to change my life style, like going to the cinema and left N with her… hahaha.

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