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Books are amazing! Books show us new things, open up our imagination and they’re a great learning tool for kids. I remember reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” series and imagining myself living like her. A bit older, I love reading Enid Blyton’s “Malory Tower” series and dreaming of studying abroad, staying in a dorm which never happen. Ha. Then there was a period when I was into Agatha Christie, that is until J. K. Rowling successfully stole the show.


little house on the prairie


When I was pregnant with N, I started my book hunting especially when we were travelling overseas. Great quality board books are cheap (at the clearance section that is), I got some bible stories board books for $1 and $2 when we were in Sunshine Coast. Score!


I can say that N loves reading books. Books also help him to learn and identify things. Up to this day I’m still amazed if he sees something (e.g. a butterfly) on TV/magazine and suddenly run to his bookcase to pick a book and show me the same thing. He will say “sama sama (same same)”. When he first did that, I was beyond excited. Our time spent reading to him wasn’t wasted. He actually learned and understood what we’re saying.


While reading, we always go beyond the reading. We’ll point and tell N what are the things on each page; moon, flower, cloud, butterfly, bug, spider. One day we were reading “Hoot”, a story about owls. N saw the little spider on the corner of the book and start humming “Incy Wincy Spider” and rolling his hands. Another example that he actually is learning from reading. So fellow parents out there, if your baby seems to understand when you’re reading to him. Trust me, they are! That little brain is working its magic.


With so many benefits from reading, I hope we can continue reading to our kids until they’re old enough to read by themselves. Here are our favourites so far… (all pictures are taken from google)


my very little noah ark story


I think “My Very Little Noah’s Ark Story” was the very book that N was really engaged with. Colourful, lots of animals (well, it’s Noah’s story), cartoon-ish but realistic enough for him to identify and it’s tiny hands friendly. The book is not too sturdy but I’ve managed to taped them back twice. Hang in there for baby no. 2, book!


little yellow digger


A digger shaped book that tells a story of this Little Yellow Digger’s day. Oh how he’s so busy at the building site. Brrm, Brrm!!




Little fingers love to go through little holes inside this book. Probably one of the most popular books for toddler, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is indeed interesting. Nathan learned “moon” firstly from this book. This is also somewhat a perfect snack time book. Look Nathan, the caterpillar is eating!! Here have a spoon too *shove fruits into his mouth* Haha.




We looooove “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney. Beautiful story, beautiful illustration. Although some nights I wish the bit about the river doesn’t exist to make the story shorter. Anyways, this is one of the sweetest books without being too emotional (cue “If I Could Keep You Little” by Marianne Richmond). On nights when we read this book, we like to follow the bed time ritual sequence. Kiss kiss good night, please go to bed.


beautiful oops

“Beautiful Oops” by Barney Saltzberg is the ultimate book that Nathan and I enjoy the most. I personally love it because the moral behind this book is to find opportunities within unfortunate situation and rejoice from it. It challenges me to be creative in midst of ‘chaos’.

As for Nathan, he loves lifting different kind of flaps inside the book. Funny thing though, he was terrified after exploring this book for the first time. Probably the crocodile? Not sure. It was ridiculous yet funny. However he particularly drawn to the hole and he learnt to say ‘hole’ and identify all kind of holes in real life from this book. Then we slowly restarted with other pages and he was fine.


Those are Nathan’s favourite books amongst his small collection. I have certain budget for his books and very carefully select appropriate books for him. Story wise as well as material wise. I refrain from giving him ┬áPlease kindly share your children’s favourite readings with me

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