Happy father’s day

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Happy father’s day to all biological fathers, spiritual fathers, fathers in the past, father-to-be, those who taught us to be brave and strong, who showed us the love of Heavenly Father.

You are all very special!



Dear Papi,

You are the most hilarious person I’ve ever known. I adore your silly jokes and how you always light up the room. Your friendly and cheerful personality has taught me to stay true to myself. You have won people’s heart and you definitely won mine from the beginning.

Thank you for all the bed time stories you read me. For all the books and toys you brought home from each trip because then I learnt that you always remember us even when you’re away.

Thank you for your provision, the comfort of a home and everything you provide for me. I know you had bad times but never once I was worried about my future.

Thank you for your hard work that I could study overseas. “I never imagined sending my kid to study overseas. Yet here we are now. You have this great chance, use it well,” you said on our first day arriving in Australia. It rhymed in me and made me want to make you proud.

During hard times you like to say “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” Yes, I see your persistence and I learnt it from you. You are an excellent do-er and you always get things done effeciently. How I wish I can be more like you on that.

Thank you for everything you invested in my life. I am who I am today because of your love and Mami’s. I am so thankful for a father like you.

Stay healthy, stay funny and may God’s favours be poured continuously upon your life.




Dear Phodi,

We are in this season of sowing. This is our time to invest all we have for the goodness in the future.

This is a busy time, especially for you. Balancing between work, home and hundred other things is hard. At times you stumble yet I am so grateful that you are always faithful.

I am so blessed to have a praying husband. Nathan is even more blessed to have a father who strives for him. Taking him to kids church, playing with him, praying for him. You are sowing the good seeds in him and one day we will taste the fruits.

We are still newbies in this parenthood jungle (and we will always be as our kids grow up). So I want you to know that you are not insufficient in anyway of being a father and a husband. I know that you’re learning each day and seeking advices from the elders. More importantly I know where you put your trust in. That is why I know that we are safe.

I love doing life with you. Nathan adores you. I’m excited to see what God has in store for the four of us.


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