God is gracious

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Today I experienced another God’s grace. Today God gave us a little baby girl. Born on its due date, despite all things said that second child can be born earlier. The process was lightning fast that I endured minimal pain. Today, I can testify that God is indeed gracious.


I was fairly nervous with this baby. People kept saying that second child usually born earlier. I was nervous about Nathan, worrying that my mom won’t be here to take care of him.

When my mom came to stay with us last Monday, I was glad. Evenmore when my aunt came on Tuesday. I was confident that we’re good to go. Yet days went by with no further sign of labour.

Last night before bed I had blood spotting and started to have irregular contractions. 10-12 minutes apart and it continued all night. Around 5am the contractions was 8-10 minutes apart but still irregular. I decided that when the contractions are 5-7 minutes then it’s hospital time. The contractions was mild and very manageable so all good.

6.30am Phodi, my aunt and I went to the hospital. My parents stayed home with Nathan who was still sleeping. 2-3cm dilation and I was told to take a looong walk to speed up the process.

11am I joined prenatal yoga class at the hospital. My only yoga class for 2 pregnancies. Haha.

12pm we had sushi for lunch (sashimiii see you tomorrow!!!). After lunch I had another check at it was 4-5cm.

2pm my parents came with Nathan. How I miss my boy already! By this stage the contractions was still mild. Manageable by breathing in…. breathing out. Having mom and my aunt was A++.

Around 2.20pm the nurse said that they’d break my water and give me injection to soften the birth canal. I wasn’t sure about the suggestion because it’d mean that I can’t leave the bed.

I finally agreed but oddly, the nurse couldn’t break my water because she said there’s only membrane. She checked baby’s heartbeat and all good. By then my dilation was 6cm. She then continued to give me the injection. At this point Phodi was taking our luggage in the car.

About 5 minutes after the injection (or whatever time it was). I had horrible contraction and I said I really need to poop. During labour, that urge usually means the urge to push the baby. I have had that urge since 12pm and I’ve told the nurse but I can’t push yet because it’s not time yet.


The nurse told me to lay on my back (I was laying sideways) and I just couldn’t! Horrible contractions that I was panicking. When I finally did, the nurse said I’m 0.5cm away from full dilation. She instructed the other nurse to call the doctor straight away. Thankfully the doctor was still practicing downstairs.

The doctor came and he said, “Push whenever is convenient.” And I was like “HOW?!!!” lol silly me. Survival mode ON  I pushed and following orders from everyone. “Breathe” “Keep pushing” “You’re doing great” “Breathe” “Huff huff huff”




2.56pm there she was. The most beautiful sound to my ears; my baby girl’s cry. Nothing else matters at that moment.

From 2 labours, I can testify that God reigns over my life. He knows my limitations, what I’m capable of and what’s not. I had my share of contractions but I only endured 5-10 minutes of intense contractions. When the nurse said 0.5cm to go, Phodi wasn’t in the room yet. I thought he’d miss the moment. The baby’s head was already out when he came.


We name our girl Nadine Joanna;

Nadine = hope

Joanna = God is gracious

Today I truly see that I put my hope in the right person. I’m grateful that He is forever gracious.


Nadine Joanna, may you grow up bringing lights and truth to people around you. I’m honoured to be your mom and very excited to live life with you, Kakak Nathan and Papi Phodi. I love you baby girl.

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