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week 36

week 36


Here I am, 38 weeks and 4 days on my 2nd pregnancy. Baby girl has been in the right position since few weeks ago that my obgyn was so sure that the baby will come out at week 38. Nathan was born on 38w6d and if baby no. 2 decides so, it will be this Friday. Hooray?


One thing for sure, I don’t have to worry about leaving Nathan at home. My parents picked up Nathan to stay with them until the baby comes out. My biggest worry was to leave Nathan at home with our maid if I’m in labour. Now that Nathan is in the right hands, I can concentrate to get this baby out.


I was doing all sorts of pregnancy yoga and cardio during my pregnancy with Nathan. However I only did one exercise during this pregnancy as I didn’t experience any back pain. Not to forget that I have enough exercise catching up with Nathan. I’m grateful that this pregnancy has been an easy journey. Apart from the horrible pain in the groin area that I had during week 34, I had no other significant issue. I can still carry Nathan easily (he’s light-weight anyway) and sleep well at night. Forever thankful!


Little baby girl, you’re welcome to make an entrance this weekend. Mami and Papi would love to have some quiet time, if we may. Please be a good girl and help Mami to have a quick labour. We’re looking forward to meet you.

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