Nadine 1 month and Nathan 28 month

Nov 30, 2016 by

My baby girl turned 1 month old a week ago! Congratulations baby for being a champion in drinking milk. You’ve learnt well.

What amazes me the most is how quiet this baby is. She rarely cries. Even when her diaper is dirty, she will make this quiet coo noise and *silent*. However when she cries, she will give her all. Shout like noone’s within 5km.

Thankfully similar to Nathan, Nadine sleeps pretty well at night. Sleep – feed while sleep – sleep – feed + diaper change while sleep – sleep. Repeat cycle until morning comes.

As for Nathan, he started of being a little jealous of his sister. He said “Oma sama baby” (Oma with baby) and “Baby ditaro aja” (put the baby away). But as of today he’s a caring brother.

If Nadine is crying, most of the time he will come and pat her. Although he’ll leave if the baby doesn’t stop crying. Who doesn’t get annoyed by a crying baby rite? lol

He has also turned to be my little helper. Getting Nadine’s changing mat (Nadine’s pink cloud – said Nathan) and diaper (NB in circle, Mami – said Nathan). He even willing to help with dirty diapers but he always make sure that they’re tightly tied and always checking his hands afterwards. Haha.

This month Nathan has upgraded his alphabets skill. For once I never wanted to turn my son to be a reader at this age. But I’m following the child and my child loves ABCs. 

He’s able to recognize alphabets in all sorts (even cursive) and understand phonics. and as he’s been asking us to read him words, I thought why not introduce him to sight words.

So far he’s good with 2 letters words; in, of, no, on, to, it. And he recognizes some longer words like ‘love’ and ‘one’ by spelling. Such a fun stage because he keeps pointing to words whenever we read.

And he’s still my musical boy. He loves to sing and his song collection is quite huge (but still no Coldplay or Beatles). But of course his favourite song is ABC song. Haha.

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