Nadine 3 month and Nathan 30 month

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My little sweethearts are 3 months and 30 months old now. My heart is full to the extent that I never knew exist.

At times I want to hide in the bathroom and isolate myself from the crying-whining-shouting baby and toddler combo. Unfortunately the more absence I am, the more demanding they become #lifeasamom I am fortunate to have a helper, even for just half a day, who I can trust with cooking and housework.

How’s life for the last month?


Nadine’s first car trip to Jakarta and first flight

Woooo… the flight was a horrible experience for us. Ever since we had kids, we always choose the national carrier but unfortunately it was a blah regardless. We took a mid-morning flight and were transferred by bus to the plane. (Anyways, anyone ever went through the airbridge on T3?) It was stuffy hot which made Nadine uncomfortable and so she cried. The flight was full and our seats were all over the plane. So I had no help and a crying inconsolable baby. Luckily once the plane started moving she’s fine and slept through the flight. Phew..


Nadine’s first Christmas


Nathan’s love for writing grows. I hope this will never stop (at least not when he’s still at school). He loves alphabets that he’s getting good at writing them. He still can’t write in sequence though so whenever he try to write longer words it will appear as “yllwoe” instead of “yellow” or “abll” instead of “ball” but he will spell them loud in the right order. lol.. oh well all is forgiven for the 1000 cuteness level


Nathan has learned how to show his love towards Nadine. Once he took Nadine’s book, laid down beside her and started reading. Major love that melted my heart.


Life goes on… and my baby continues to grow <3

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