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That was the word I got the most when I told people that we’re moving to Philippines this November.
After 4 years in Bandung, we’re moving. Again. This time with 2 kids in tow. Oh help me!
I’m actually excited to have the opportunity to experience new environment and culture. Way back when I was a young girl, the profession that impressed me a lot was ambassadors. I think they’re so lucky to travel and meet different people from around the globe. The kids might have issues with school and making friends but with some resilience and support all will be fine. Afterall the family will be closer because you’ll be with each other the most. I can go on and on.. but that’s how I put it in few sentences.
Fast forward to many years later, I now have the chance to live that dream as a wife and mom. As Phodi said, we are all an ambassador of Christ so yea I’m qualified enough. Lol.
The plan to move has been there for quite a while. We’ve been talking… asking for inputs from the parents… And in the end we decided that we’ll go ahead and take this as a year of adventure with the kids before they head to school. Oh school!!! My head aches thinking about this. OOT though, I’m one blessed mama because Nathan lovessss to learn. He’s reading skill is quite impressive (according to others as I have no benchmark) so I can relax a bit about it.
As for now, we have started sorting out our stuff here. Luckily we both aren’t hoarders and we have a yearly cleaning. But still when you live in a house you keep lots of spares for when you have guests. Extra pillows, extra plates etc. and boy they do add up.
And as I pack up, I can’t deny that I’ve been having this bittersweet feeling. Full of excitement of what the next year has to offer; new friendship, opportunities to acquire new skills, chances to explore… but also sadness because I feel that we just started to embrace this place as home. Read it somewhere that people need 3-4 years to fully settling in a new place. So maybe that is true.
Bottom line, we’re moving to the Philippines soon!! Please pray for a smooth transition for us.

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