In 2 weeks time

Oct 17, 2017 by

In exactly 2 weeks time I’ll sleep in a new country and be there for the next year.

As I write this down, I keep thinking why am I doing this again? Haha. I went to Melbourne 11 years ago for uni and that was my first time ever to be in Australia. Gee, it’s kinda wierd that I still vividly remember my first day in Australia.

This time I’m going to spend a year in Manila with my husband (!) and 2 toddlers (!!) and that would be my first time being in the Philippines (!!!)

Being a human, I do have many worries although I think I’m pretty good at covering them. How about my kids? How about friends? Community? Health care? Groceries? New language? No helper? No family?

However I’m continually being reminded that all things will work according to God’s plan. One of my favourite verses says that “God has made everything beautiful in its own time… human cannot understand what God has done from beginning to end.”

I have stopped looking for reasons to be worry. Instead I have decided to look forward, embracing the new season that will come.

I’m excited for new community, new opportunities and experiences. We will be staying close to the church where Phodi will be based so it’s a luxury. I have researched some kids activities that are close to our condo and hopefully we’ll be able to enroll them soon.

2 weeks to go!!

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