Our first week in Manila – part 2

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Read part 1 here


Day 5 – Thursday, 9 November 2017

Rainy Manila today. It was cloudy when we woke up and I could see some rain in other areas. We had rain from 9 a.m. and it’s still raining now at 10 p.m.


Cooked fried rice in the morning using the left over lauchon (crispy skin pork) then hurrily to the kids to Kindermusik trials.



First class was for Nadine so Nathan was watching from the playroom. We had so much fun because Nadine was delighted being in the class. She was very cautious with the toy dog but she was singing, banging instruments and playing along. Of course she didn’t want me to be far but overall she had fun.


Nathan on the other hand… Didn’t want to do anything. He claimed that the sound was too loud and just wanted to go out. I kinda expect it… but didn’t think that he’ll be very distressed. I think a smaller group will be suitable for Nathan, or even a one-on-one music class. I’ll have to explore and understand him more.




Anyways, the rain is still ongoing now. Do they have flood in Manila? Cos Jakarta would definitely be flooded at this rate.


Day 6 – Friday, 10 November 2017

Our morning was a bit disappointing. We were supposed to have a trial for Nathan’s school but apparently the school was cancelled due to typhoon. We arrived at the school and it was closed. Poor boy was disappointed as he was excited about it.


We missed the news because they news was circulated through twitter. Oh wow.. We haven’t used twitter in ummmm years but apparently it’s still quite big here and used by government to issue official announcement. O.K. noted then.


Went back to the apartment, played with the kids and did some chores. Then I had a bit of meltdown because Nadine was being extremely clingy. She has been very clingy but the last 2 days had been really bad. She wanted to be carried or be put on my lap. Even if I move a bit of my leg, she’d hold on tighter to my shirt.


If I walk away even to the dining table, she’d cry and howl. Like seriouslyyyyyy!! This afternoon it was too much for me so I cried. Ha. Ha. Ha. At least I can laugh about it now.


Sometimes when she’s better she can play with Nathan or even by herself. Busy with duplos or animal figurines. But when she remembers me, she’ll look for me while shouting in panic. I really hope she’ll pass this phase soon. I really do.



In the afternoon we went to the playground for half an hour before it started to drizzle. Right when the kids finished their bath, we had another stormy rain. I love watching the rain from our condo. Such a pretty view of dancing lightning and water going down the windows.


Phodi went home with a cup of Stabucks’ hot chocolate. Nadine had few sips which officially was her first hot chocolate. Quickly seared a piece of salmon fillet for dinner. Kids eat well, everyone’s happy. Day 6 in Manila done.



Day 7 – Saturday, 11 November 2017

I noticed that we tend to wake up earlier here. Umm.. There were days where we woke up at 8.30 but there were days where we woke up at 7. Hmm…


We had a gym trial for Nadine at 9 so when the kids woke up at 7.30, I quickly prepared breakfast. Scramble eggs, leftover salmon and fusilli pasta which both ate with no complain.


Nadine’s gym trial was ok. I think we won’t go ahead with it though. I prefer the Kindermusik class for Nadine as I think she enjoys it better. And the Kindermusik class was more structured and organized. Price wise the Kindermusik was more expensive (almost double?) but with the transport cost they would be similar.



After the trial we went to Shangri-La Plaza. The mall is similar with Jakarta’s but the Christmas decorations they offered ware totally wonderful. We had seen the ones in SM which we thought ware great. But the ones at Rustan’s were so beautiful. Nathan had a hard time resisting his urge to touch everything.



Tomorrow is a Sunday and then we will have 3 days public holidays due to ASEAN Summit. Woohoo!! Phodi will still need to work, I think.. But regardless, it’s a previlege to have him at home for 3 days.


Day 7 done and that was our first week in the Philippines.


Did I enjoy it? I suppose yes, I did. Apart from the transition from 2 day helpers to none at all, I think we’re fine. Nathan’s becoming more independent and so am I.

Expecting greater things to come! Grace grace

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